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Media Scenario Planner: 4 Steps to Predict the Performance of your Campaign

Follow these steps to forecast your marketing effectiveness.

Do you want to predict your marketing effectiveness?

Learn the 4 steps to design, predict, and optimise the performance of you media plans.

1. Create Data-Driven Scenarios

  • Design a framework of campaigns.
  • Choose a channel mix for each campaign.
  • Set budgets.
  • Easily (re)create 'what-if' scenarios.

2. Add Business Dynamics and Events

  • Incorporate prior business knowledge.
  • Set values for external factors that impact your plan (competitor's spend, price distance, etc.)
  • Create events (Black Friday, new product launch, etc.)

3. Test and Optimise

  • Use the built-in forecasting functionality to predict the impact of the initial scenario.
  • Use the predictions to identify drivers and outliers of performance.
  • Discover how media investments and non-media factors impact business outcomes.
  • Optimise your scenario to create the perfect plan.

4. Execute and Track the Successful Scenarios

  • Choose the most successful plan.
  • Execute your plan.
  • Upload actual performance data to compare the outcomes to the forecast.
  • Make your model smarter by regular data updates.
  • If necessary, adjust your plan based on new learnings.

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