How Do the Biggest Players in the Market Plan to Tackle this New Reality?

The ban on third-party cookies is almost here, and marketers have already started preparing for this unprecedented change. The cookie kill reflects permanent changes on the fundamentals of marketing, affecting various parts of the marketing funnel and requiring new measurement solutions. Of course, there are more than one solutions to the changing cookie environment. Objective Platform hosts a round-table to discuss the cookie-less future and the ways big conglomerates react to the changes. Among the participants, representatives from Facebook and Deutsche Telekom share their take on the topic.

How will performance marketing survive in this new reality? How can organisations make up for the data loss on a user level? What are the future-proof tools and techniques used by the world leaders in the field of marketing? This discussion will cover these and more. The most trending topic in the industry will definitely give you insights into how to get a competitive advantage among your competition – and should not be missed!

The three main take-aways:

  • How  the ban on third-party cookies affects different industries.
  • Tips, tools, and tactics for the short and long term.
  • How big conglomerates plan to adapt to the new reality.


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