Objective Platform Recognized in Report by Forrester.

Objective Platform is a leading-edge marketing measurement and optimization solution that helps marketers regain control of their marketing investments and increase the effectiveness of their advertising. Objective Platform was interviewed for and is mentioned in the recent report by Forrester, titled “Now Tech: Marketing Measurement And Optimization Solutions, Q2 2021”, which provides an overview of 35 solution providers. Moreover, the report presents a synopsis of each provider’s size, functionality, geography, and vertical market focus  and presents information to help organisations choose the best solution for their needs.

According to the report, a marketing measurement and optimisation platform assists organisations understand the impact of their marketing investments and provides actionable insights to help them effectively plan their future activities . In addition, the report states that, “brands that still rely on vanity metrics like impressions and clicks will fall further and further behind their competitors that are embracing data-driven marketing unless they start now.” . Not only this, but marketing teams must develop their data and analytics literacy . Another action proposed in the Forrester report is the shift to unified marketing performance measurement (UMM). Among the many functional approaches to marketing measurement, UMM seems to be the most sophisticated approach, as it “combines elements of marketing mix modelling, multi-touch attribution, TV attribution, and (…) it may be able to conduct single-methodology analyses.”

UMM overcomes the limitations posed by the decline of MTA and the lack of granularity in conventional MMM . At Objective Platform, we understand these limitations and seek to tackle them with a holistic measurement approach that operates within the UMM. Our approach combines conventional marketing mix modelling (MMM) with practices coming from multi-touch attribution (MTA), measurements on both channel and campaign level, and business knowledge. Our unified approach helps organisations maintain a holistic overview of their marketing activities, while providing them with  granular campaign- and media-specific insights.


“Now Tech: Marketing Measurement And Optimization Solutions, Q2 2021” is a report  published by Forrester, a leading global market research company, focusing on Marketing Measurement and Optimisation Solutions. Among other things, the report sees the value in:

  • Using statistical measurements approaches.
  • Shifting to unified marketing measurement (UMM).
  • Developing data and analytics literacy within marketing teams.

Implementing a marketing measurement solution, according to the report, helps organisations:

  • Determine the impact of their marketing spend.
  • Optimise the mix of their channels.
  • Forecast the results of their marketing plans.

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