The key to a better marketing & media ROI.

The marketing landscape has become increasingly complex. As a result, marketing departments are balancing campaigns across an ever-growing amount of media channels and touchpoints. Knowing which of these channels drive business value and being able to optimize upcoming media plans can give advertisers a competitive advantage. Marketing analytics tools support this form of data-driven decision making. Implementing unified attribution can help untangle the knot and consolidate it in a single source of truth.

Firstly, attribution is the process by which marketers identify which touchpoints, channels and campaigns contribute to their business objectives and by how much. The most advanced attribution tools operate on unified attribution. This method combines multi-touch attribution (MTA) and marketing mix modelling (MMM). Consequently, it assigns business value to each tactical and strategic factor influencing marketing results across the entire customer journey. This includes on- and offline media channels, as well as other internal and external factors of influence.  

A unified attribution and optimization solution generates fast and actionable insights timely enough to adjust live campaigns. It supports strategic media planning and provides a single source of truth across all marketing activities. Above all, it can help marketers vastly improve their return on media investments.  

We’ve identified three implementation phases help you start using a unified solution, successfully embed it in your organization and subsequently help you reach its full potential:

  1. Onboard
  2. Take off
  3. Evolve
3 phases of implementing unified attribution

Set a clear scope and involve the team during the Onboard phase, build a decision structure and start regularly optimizing marketing activities and media budgets during the Take Off phase and expand during the Evolve phase. This implementation process will help you invest in effective media channels and continuously improve your marketing and media ROI.

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