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5 trends in B2C marketing
for 2021

In our latest trend report, we release the newest marketing trends that every marketer should know. Access the main takeaways for free to learn more about becoming the best marketer of the future.


● The Cookieless future

● GDPR rules

● Technological advancements

● And much more

Top 5 questions on cookieless measurement

Get the answers on the biggest anxieties marketing experts are facing regarding the new world without cookies:


● Assessment of campaign

● ROI Cross-device attribution

● And more topics on accurate measurement and attribution​



Myth Busters: The effect of TV and radio advertising

Advertisers struggle to gain valuable insights into the effectiveness of their TV and radio Commercials. Access our free whitepaper and find out how you can:


Determine the impact of your TV and Radio commercials

● Combine these channels to decrease cost per visitor

● Identify the effect of a branding commercial in the offline world.



The impact of
Facebook advertising

In this paper commissioned by Facebook, we independently investigate the effectiveness of Facebook advertising using our marketing mix model. We recommend best practices and provide industry standards on MMM, and subsequently measure the impact of Facebook advertising in terms of sales and search volume.

Implementing multi-touch attribution in 10 easy steps

Find out how Multi-Touch Attribution (MTA) works, when it can be helpful for your business, and which attribution solution is useful for you to adapt in a complex media landscape with accurate results.

The key to a better marketing & ROI

In this complex marketing ecosystem marketers need to  balance campaigns across multiple media channels and touchpoints. Access this free whitepaper and learn how to:


Set a clear scope and involve the team

● Build a decision structure and start optimizing marketing activities and media budgets

● Expand and increase profitability


The fact that we can look at our performance across the funnel and different touch points enables us to optimize our strategy and media spend – anytime and anywhere.

Joris Steenvoorden, Media Manager at T-Mobile

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