How we help Vattenfall NL determine both the impact of telemarketing on sales and the impact of marketing on telesales.

Vattenfall Netherlands

Vattenfall Netherlands (formerly Nuon) is a utilities company providing electricity, heat and gas to roughly 2 million Dutch households. Their ambition is to enable fossil free living within one generation and to drive the transition to a sustainable energy system.

The Measurement Challenge

Part of Vattenfall NL’s marketing activities consists of telemarketing. In monitoring the effectiveness of their outbound calls, as well as the impact of media on their inbound calls, they faced a challenge. Tracking conversions is difficult in this case; you can’t place a pixel in a telephone call. A change in regulation offered opportunities for Vattenfall NL. Instead of being able to close a contract by phone, a customer now receives an email and has to finalize the procedure on Vattenfall NL’s website. The conversion takes place on the online platform, so its attribution value can be measured.

Rob van den Berg, Senior Online Marketeer at Vattenfall NL, wanted to know which insights they gained with this; which media channels contributed to the telesales conversion? What were the costs associated with this conversion? Do customer journeys differ between in- and outbound?

Vattenfall NL tracks and optimizes their media investments using our solution, Objective Platform, so Rob set out to answer these questions with our help.

The Solution

We embedded both inbound and outbound calls into our customer journeys. We noticed that telemarketing was spread across the whole customer journey being starting, assisting and also converting touchpoints. Following the enrichment of the customer journeys, the telemarketing touchpoints and conversions were included  in our unified attribution model. The result: telemarketing efforts  are added as a channel in Objective Platform and the telemarketing conversions are added as an additional conversion dimension. As a result, Vattenfall NL receives insights into the enriched customer journeys, attributed conversions, costs and cost per conversion for telemarketing on a daily basis. This delivers insights into the contribution of other media channels to telemarketing conversions, as well as the contribution of telemarketing to online conversions.

impact of telemarketing

Rob: “We now have insights into the touchpoint ‘Telemarketing’ in Objective Platform and the added value of this touchpoint in customer journeys. We can see what this touchpoint contributes to eventual telemarketing conversions, but also what it contributes to regular online conversions.

We can also see which media channels and campaigns, such as Paid Search campaigns, contribute to both telemarketing and regular online conversions. We’ve found effects where consumers react to an outbound call differently if they’ve been exposed to other marketing beforehand. Because we can now measure both effects for Vattenfall NL, we can better determine the true added value of the telemarketing channel. 

The Impact

We steer on these insights. Every Friday, our media agency, Searchresult, makes an optimized budget plan for the coming week using the optimization tool in Objective Platform. Now, the impact of our online channels on Telemarketing is included in this plan. We use the optimization tool ourselves on an ad hoc basis when we are planning big campaigns. The insights in Objective Platform give context to the budget plan and help us tweak campaigns as they run.

The tool helps us look at the future, helping us determine whether our targets are realizable within the market or the channel. Take your impression share, sometimes you’ve already reached your maximum potential. You can then lock the channel in the tool and reallocate the budget to other channels with potential to find an ideal and realistic channel mix.

The platform in its entirety helps us avoid silo thinking. For example, Display can be a difficult media channel to implement sometimes, as we look at both post-view and post-click conversions. Objective Platform helps us measure cross-media effects and unify multiple KPIs. As a result, we can determine what we need to do in Display to strengthen our other media channels.

Now we want to go deeper: aside from acquisitions, can we retain customers, or even win back customers who switched or want to switch providers? And what’s the type of customer we acquire through telemarketing and other channels? The churn rate of a certain type of customer can be lower than that of others. The next step is a follow-up analysis with Objective Platform to determine which channels deliver customers with a low churn and high customer lifetime value (CLV) and how we can invest in channels that deliver customers who stay with us.”


We included Telemarketing as a touchpoint in our unified attribution model for Vattenfall NL. This allows us to determine both the impact of Telemarketing on conversions and the impact of other marketing activities on Telemarketing conversions. Vattenfall NL can now include the Telemarketing channel in their weekly optimized budget plans.

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