New company name reflects pivot from human services to complete client control through software solution

Amsterdam, the Netherlands Today, Objective Partners, a European scale-up that offers marketing measurement software, announced their rebranding to reflect the company’s pivot from offering data measurement as a service to a software platform that empowers clients to take ownership of their multi-channel marketing spend and performance analysis. The rebrand includes a change of company name to Objective Platform, effective immediately. 

Arno Witte, SVP of Data Science at Objective Platform and based in Amsterdam: “We believe that it’s of critical importance to any Marketeer to have a holistic, data-driven approach to multi-channel media investments. Yet as simple as this sounds, this is not the reality for many organizations. Marketing teams often work in silos based on the channels they look after, and they steer their investments based on non-comparable metrics.”

In today’s marketing landscape, Brand Marketers often apply traditional theories to achieve overall brand growth, such as Byron Sharp’s  “How Brands Grow” or “Effectiveness in Context: A Manual for Brand Building” by Les Binet and Peter Field. In doing so, they aim to reach the target audience, measure share of voice, and track KPI performance based on survey responses. However, it remains challenging to measure the impact of their media spend on short- and long term brand growth. Meanwhile, Performance Marketers are much more data-driven and have the ability to measure the direct impact of their investments. 

These different ways of measuring impact often results in Marketing teams working in silos, making it hard for Chief Marketing Officers to define the optimal split between brand and performance budgets and/or channel allocation. They are therefore forced to rely on their gut feeling or apply simplified rules of thumb to make strategic business decisions. 

This is exactly where Objective Platform comes in. In order to identify the best performing channels and ensure the right balance between short- and long term investments, CMOs will gain full insight into the impact of their investments across all channels. In addition, they will be made aware of the impact of relevant (external) factors that may influence media effectiveness. 

These insights will allow companies to grow beyond the traditional share of voice, which is solely being measured for channels like radio and TV, to the more relevant share of search as recently introduced by Les Binet. Share of search is a leading indicator for brand market share and allows for a full funnel approach in which Google search data can be used to measure brand value. With Objective Platform, companies are then able to translate this value into specific performance metrics to then optimize their investments across channels accordingly.