The new cookie-less reality that rises from the ban on third-party cookies is the topic of discussion among marketers and executives for the past few months. Indeed, while talking to our current clients and other prospects, we came to realise that the cookie-less future is the biggest challenge of performance marketing. 

Objective Platform takes this challenge seriously and, as a leading-edge solution provider, is getting ready for the future. This September, we organise a round-table discussion, where representatives from our biggest clients, including Deutsche Telekom and Facebook, share their take on the topic. Before the event, we tour Germany to share with you the key points of the discussion among other things.  

Our team visits you on-location to find out about your challenges and answer questions like: 

  • What will change in the measurement world in the years until 2025? 
  • Do I need GDPR-sensitive data for my measurement? 
  • How can I make up for the limited data availability?  
  • Is my data format ready?
  • How can I structure my data?  
  • How to use “old” data treasures for marketing measurement? 
  • How can I utilise impression data from Facebook and Google? 
  • Is it too late to start preparing for the cookie-less future? 

The discussion can be held in both English and German.  

When: 13th – 29th September 2021 

Where: Your location in Germany 


Interested in a visit from our team? 

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