Our Mission

We believe that marketers deserve a holistic and independent view of their multi-channel media investments.

That’s why we have created Objective Platform.

Why Objective Platform?


Use a single source of truth across departments and partners.


Minimize gut feelings, presumptions and preferences.


Have analytical proof of the business impact of marketing activities.


Be more efficient though a highly automated setup.


Be the owner of your data and your marketing analytics model.

The 3 layers

There are three layers in Objective Platform in our approach to marketing measurement.

Decision Layer

Actionable intelligence and tools for predictive optimization.

Model Layer

Proprietary Unified Measurement Framework that attributes business value to your marketing activities.

Data layer

Integrates, automates & validates all your relevant data sources.

1. Decision Layer

To help you make data driven media investment decisions, we have created the Decision Layer. It is a user-friendly visualization layer for actionable intelligence and tools for predictive optimization.


The essentials of data-driven decision-making in a series of lenses that bring together your marketing data in a single source of truth.

Strategic lenses

An expansion set targeted at managers designed to deliver strategic media intelligence combined with the tools to construct media plans.

Tactical lenses

An expansion set targeted at media specialist designed to deliver tactical media intelligence with the tools to optimize channels.

2. Model layer

Our proprietary Unified Measurement approach that attributes business value to your marketing activities. It powers the decision layer.

Marketing Model

Unified Measurement Framework

Our approach maximizes the use of all available data sources and modelling techniques to create a single truth suitable for actionable steering.


Our approach is sustainable and adaptable and protects you from the ever-changing marketing, media and privacy landscape.

3. Data Layer

Objective Platform’s proprietary data layer fully integrates and automates all your relevant data sources. It guarantees a continuous and consistent feed of high-quality data for modelling. Through automation, we save valuable time that you can use for decision-making.

Automated data gathering

Connect all of your marketing platforms and internal sources.

Automated data validation

Garbage in, garbage out. Smart checks notify you of raw data errors and outliers.

Automated data restructuring

Align and mapping data from different sources is essential in unlocking it’s value.

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