Using our offline insights & optimization modules, Belvilla achieved a significant increase in campaign revenue and ROI.

Measure TV and radio at an hourly level

We can never tell whether an individual has seen a particular TV commercial or heard a radio ad. Many marketing mix models claiming to ‘attribute’ value to TV and radio advertising are limited to measuring a daily or even weekly aggregate effect.

Objective Platform’s marketing mix model consists of a short-term and long-term model. We wrote advanced algorithms modeled on an hourly level. This means we can attribute value to TV and radio at the channel level, but most importantly attribute value to individual TV or radio commercials. Our short-term model is unique in the market.

We then combine our marketing mix model with our multi-touch attribution model in a unified model, allowing us to determine the sales impact and ROI of all on- and offline channels.

measuring tv radio

Improve the impact of your offline campaigns.

The benefit of this approach is the ability to explore an individual ad’s impact according to various offline media properties. These include the hour of the day, days of the week, operators, broadcast channels, ad position in the ad block and the ad length. These help you determine which ad formats perform best, on which channels they perform best and at which time of the week and day they perform best.

This level of detail may provide some useful, maybe even surprising insights. One of our clients, for example, determined their TV ads were most effective when aired right after detective-themed broadcasts. Apparently their target audience was way into detective shows.

Knowing when and how to adjust campaigns, even while they are running, allows you to improve their impact.

Answer questions such as…

  • How are my TV and radio campaigns driving the results of my digital channels?
  • What is the sales impact and ROI of my offline channels compared to digital channels?
  • Which number of messages per ad has the greatest impact?
  • Should I communicate pricing in creatives during a sales period?
  • Do I run my TV flights on weekdays only or include weekends?
  • What is the maximum number of campaigns I should run simultaneously?
  • Reach vs. sales impact: how are my campaigns performing?

Optimizing TV and radio campaigns

Tv and radio attribution for belvilla

Belvilla is a large European player and the Benelux leader in the market for holiday homes. Belvilla uses Objective Platform to measure the impact and optimize TV and radio campaigns. They now have much more information and insights into their offline channels than before, and can quantitatively support decisions. Being able to justify their actions, they feel empowered to make changes to their offline campaigns.

Using our GRP Optimization Tool, they optimize the GRP pressure between media partners, broadcast channels, timeslots and weekdays during their large campaigns. They plan before each campaign, adjust it as it runs, and compare and evaluate it once it has concluded. For their last campaign, they increased their revenue by 7.5% and increased their ROI by 8.3% compared to the same campaign last year.

Curious to see how we can help you optimise and measure the impact of your offline activities?

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