Successfully Transitioning from Last-Click Attribution to Unified Marketing Measurement with Tele2

Learn more on how we helped Tele-2 understand the true value of their channels in their marketing campaigns and optimise the quality of the conversions.

The challenge: Filling the pipeline with high-quality leads

Objective Platform helped Tele2 to define their online and offline channels and include costs for all channels: online and offline, but also external factors and the possibility to implement pricing dynamics.

Thanks to Objective Platform, Peter and his team have insights into marginal CPO and ROI. “Based on these values, we can optimize media budgets more efficiently. Gaining access to these insights changed the way we steer the media. We now steer on additional ROI and/or CPO. We can use Objective Platform to compare media impact across all our brands T-Mobile, Ben and Tele2, and even between B2C and B2B”

The central question was:
How could Tele2 prove the attributing value of their channels throughout the customer journey?

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