Do you want to reach measurement maturity?

There are 5 steps to unlock the full potential of marketing measurement to your business.

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Create a single source of truth

  • Assemble your measurement team, assign responsibilities, define your success.
  • Choose the KPI(s) that you want to use for steering.
  • Onboard and harmonize media and KPI data sources.
  • Use a single platform with all your data to identify trends and outliers.

Turn insights into Actions

  • Configure the models and incorporate business dynamics and external factors.
  • Choose dashboards and tools best suited for your business and objectives.
  • Onboard the first marketing teams to start your holistic marketing approach.
  • Quantify performance of your media to build on success and find improvements.

Experiment & learn

  • Set-up a learning framework and define learning objectives.
  • Challenge existing media beliefs and test new execution tactics.
  • Evaluate experiment outcomes and scale up measurement learnings.
  • Build trust in measurement outcomes to fully integrate a data-driven way of working.

Plan across channels

  • Align the teams involved in campaign and budget planning across channels.
  • Make media/investment plans and forecast both business results and brand dynamics.
  • Create ‘what-if’ scenarios.
  • Set business targets and adapt your budget allocation.

Plan within channels

  • Align channel experts and stimulate cross-department collaboration.
  • Start using your unified KPI(s) to optimize channels and break away from channel bias.
  • Uncover performance drivers within channels, see what works and what not.
  • Get recommendations to optimize channel tactics.

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