Increase the impact and accountability of your marketing

Use our next-gen marketing measurement solution to plan and
optimise across channels and campaigns

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Get the competitive advantage you need

Increase marketing impact

Benefit from the tools within Objective Platform to either reach your targets in the most cost-effective way or get the highest return from a fixed budget.

Improve alignment among teams

Align your teams to work on the same targets and KPIs. Increase your control over the total marketing operation.

Quantify the value of investments

Don't rely on channel-specific metrics. Evaluate the impact of your marketing investments to your business targets.

Take full control of your media investments and drive results

Marketing spend reduced without impacting results
Potential uplift in campaign effectiveness
Marketing spend analysed

Our platform

Use a single platform for all your data. Measure, plan, and optimise your marketing investments.


Automated data intake & validation from 200+ data sources


Unified Marketing Measurement to attribute business value to investments


Tools and dashboards for data-driven decisions

"The fact that Objective Platform is helping us in acquiring high-quality customers ensures that we have adopted a faster and smarter approach"


"With O/P we can look at our performance across the funnel and different touchpoints. It enables us to optimize our strategy and media spend"


"Within the first day, we were already able to see insights we had never been able to see before. Our retention is about 25% better”


"Objective Platform covers the complete media mix: online and offline, but also external factors and the possibility to implement pricing dynamics"

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