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Marketing Channel Trends 2023

The marketing landscape is constantly changing, and to help you keep your finger on the pulse and make the right decisions, we have created a Channel Trend Report 2023:
  • Included are key takeaways that provide an overview of the changes in the most commonly used marketing channels
  • The importance of the right measurement method for making strategic decisions
  • And we answer the question: what drives sales?
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Nationale Marketing Benchmark 2023

Dive into our whitepaper as we explore the fitness of brands in Germany and the Netherlands. Backed by data from the National Marketing Benchmark, it unveils the secret sauce for a future-proof brand:
  • Strategic orientation and strong internal collaboration are foundational
  • Solid brand management and a skilled, cohesive team are crucial
  • Embracing technological advancements and optimizing data utilization ensure future readiness

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The key to a better marketing & ROI

In this complex marketing ecosystem, marketers need to balance campaigns across multiple media channels and touchpoints. Access this free whitepaper and learn how to:
  • Set a clear scope and involve the team
  • Build a decision structure and start optimizing marketing activities and media budgets
  • Expand and increase profitability
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Myth Busters: The effect of TV and radio advertising

Advertisers struggle to gain valuable insights into the effectiveness of their TV and radio Commercials. Access our free whitepaper and find out how you can:
  • Determine the impact of your TV and Radio commercials
  • Combine these channels to decrease cost per visitor
  • Identify the effect of a branding commercial in the offline world
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Top 5 questions on cookieless measurement

Get the answers on the biggest anxieties marketing experts are facing regarding the new world without cookies:
  • Assessment of campaign ROI
  • Cross-device attribution
  • And more topics on accurate measurement and attribution
5 trends in B2C marketing

Top 5 questions on cookieless measurement

In our latest trend report, we release the newest marketing trends that every marketer should know. Access the main takeaways for free to learn more about becoming the best marketer of the future.
  • Assessment of campaign
  • ROI Cross-device attribution
  • And more topics on accurate measurement and attribution​
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