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Find all the answers about Objective Platform such as modelling techniques, way of approach and much more.

Frequently Asked Questions

Objective Platform

For all your questions about our software solution.

What is Objective Platform?
Why Objective Platform?
What is included in Objective Platform?


For all your questions about our modelling techniques.

What is multi-touch attribution (MTA)?
Why does MTA outperform last click?
What is marketing mix modelling (MMM)?
What is unified measurement?
How can I find out which channels contribute to my KPI and by how much?
Can I measure the effect of both traditional and digital media on online sales?
And what about the impact of traditional and digital media on retail sales?
How do I measure the impact of TV and radio?
Can I measure the impact of OOH and folders?
Can I gain insights into & optimize my walled gardens?
Aside from clicks, can I measure the impact of display views?
Can I measure cross-device effects?


How we help answer your business questions.

Can I take external factors into account?
Can I take dynamics specific to my business into account?
How can I eliminate wasted spend across media channels?
When and how do I adjust my investments or media mix?

Data Science

Data Science

What is data science to us?
Why is data science important?


On the implementation of Objective Platform.

How does Objective Platform fit into my media landscape?
What does the implementation process look like?
How quickly can I be up and running?