Improve your media planning with predictive analytics

Use attribution modelling and machine learning
to forecast the performance of your marketing.

Build, forecast, and optimise your media plans

Create data-driven media plans

Define the framework for your plan, including factors of influence like events or seasonality. And incorporate business knowledge.

Add campaigns to your plan

Select your channels, set the budgets, and define the timing. Add one or multiple campaigns to create your ideal scenario.

Forecast and optimise

Know how your plan contributes to your business before your run it! Optimise and create multiple ‘what-if’ scenarios. And select the most successful one.

Anticipate for budget and campaign changes

Know the business impact of budget and campaign changes along the way. Adapt your plan anytime and keep the forecast accurate.

Shelley Igbinosa
Online Marketing Manager at Nederlandse Loterij

"The insights of Objective Platform allow me to evaluate our media efforts better. It enables us to sharpen our marketing strategy and maximise our results. Besides, Objective Platform is delightful to work with. And they are considerate partners, who think along with our processes.’"

Media Scenario Planner unlocks the following tools and dashboards 

Predictive marketing is the future of marketing. Media Scenario Planner helps you build, forecast, and optimise your media plans.
Media Planning tool
Anything you need to build your media plan from scratch.
Forecasting tool
Predictive AI and machine learning to forecast the performance of your media plan. 
Budget recommendations tool
A tool that helps you find the sweet spot of your media channel investments.
Integration of sales and brand KPIs
Optimise based on short-term sales goals or/and long-term brand building and business goals.
Factors of Influence configurator
Incorporate prior business knowledge for more accurate forecasting.
External factors configurator
Add events that might influence the performance of your media plan 

Sneak preview of Media Scenario Planner

Would you like to know the real feel of Media Scenario Planner and how to use it?