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Objective Platform Welcomes New CEO, Melle Staelenberg

Exciting announcement at Objective Platform

Objective Platform Welcomes New CEO, Melle Staelenberg, to Lead the Next Era of Marketing Innovation

Marketing Measurement solution Objective Platform is thrilled to announce the appointment of Melle Staelenberg as the new Chief Executive Officer, effective 1 June. This key appointment completes the company's executive team, joining Charlotte Vanfraechem, Chief Commercial Officer (CCO), and Elbert Fliek, Chief Technology Officer (CTO), establishing a solid executive group dedicated to advancing the company's vision and strategic goals.

Melle Staelenberg brings over 20 years of international experience in Marketing and MarTech to Objective Platform, having held Marketing and Sales leadership roles for agencies, SaaS providers and retailers across Europe, North America, and APAC.

“I have always been passionate about striking the right balance between impactful brand campaigns and tactical, lower-funnel activations. Objective Platform's SaaS solution is revolutionary for brands, offering unparalleled insights in the incremental impact of marketing activities, both online and offline. Understanding the true value of brand and the platform’s capabilities to steer efficient media planning, gives marketers full control when negotiating their budgets internally” said Staelenberg.

Objective Platform simplifies the complex world of modern marketing measurement for brands. With the decline of third-party cookies and the difficulty of measuring activity across devices, traditional attribution models are becoming less reliable. Marketers need new ways to get accurate and timely insights, including the ability to measure offline media, which many models struggle with.  

Objective Platform meets this need by using advanced Marketing Mix Modelling (MMM) techniques in a user-friendly platform. Unlike data-driven attribution models, MMM helps marketers evaluate campaigns across all channels, considering both immediate sales/conversion impact and long-term goals like Brand Awareness. This approach enables marketers to make informed decisions with confidence.

“I look forward to collaborating with Charlotte, Elbert and their talented teams. Together, we will drive Objective Platform to new heights, working hand-in-hand with our customers to shape the future of marketing measurement and media planning. As the industry moves beyond traditional attribution models and navigates the phase-out of third-party cookies, the potential for Objective Platform is boundless”, Staelenberg concluded.

About Objective Platform  

Objective Platform is Europe’s leading MMM SaaS platform, making it easier for companies to track and optimise their omnichannel media investments. By harnessing the full potential of available data sources, marketing measurement models offer a holistic view across digital and traditional media without sacrificing granular information. As a result, advertisers gain strategic and tactical insights to support budget allocation across time periods, campaigns and channels, resulting in sales uplifts of up to 20%.  

Objective Platform also helps brands and advertisers adapt to data restrictions imposed by cookie and privacy regulations. Its configurable econometric models and flexible data pipeline tools can be tailored to specific business needs. With Objective Platform, customers like Deutsche Telekom Group, Vattenfall and PostNL take full control of their media investments.

Objective Platform Welcomes New CEO, Melle Staelenberg