Know what your media is doing for your business

Use next-gen Marketing Measurement to get the most out of your marketing analytics.

Every marketer needs to make decisions. Here's how!

Evaluate your channels & campaigns to identify drivers and outliers of your performance
Access, manage, and control your data with built-in Data Management Tools
Validate the parameters & accuracy of your marketing attribution model

The most objective view of your media performance

Evaluate historic performance with Media Effectiveness Dashboard

An overview of all your media activity: conversions attributed to marketing and how they compare to your baseline conversions, Cost per Order, and channel investments.

Investigate channels with Channel Attribution Insights

Deep-dive into channels and identify drivers and outliers of your performance. Account for investments, conversions, as well as channel and period comparisons.

Evaluate Campaigns with Campaign Attribution Insights

Understand how your campaigns contribute to your business goals. And how the different campaigns compare to each other. From campaign efficiency and product breakdown, this dashboard has anything you need and more.

Consider non-media factors with Factors of Influence

Your business outcomes depend on factors besides your media, like events and prior business knowledge. Take them into account to gain a competitive advantage.

Denise Noordermeer
Head of Media T-Mobile Netherlands

"We have a long-term partnership with Objective Platform with a great contribution to our business KPIs for all our brands and robust analysis on attribution.With this data-driven solution, we can practice more effective and efficient omnichannel marketing."

Universal Insights unlocks the following tools and dashboards 

A simple-to-use marketing tool, providing you with everything you need to know to make your marketing work better.
Model Validation dashboard
Keep your marketing measurement up to speed and ensure that your attribution models generate accurate insights, all the time.
Media Effectiveness dashboards
Anything you need to be on top of your marketing activities. Get an overview of your media effectiveness in a glimpse. 
Campaign Attribution Insights
The tool to investigate the efficiency of your campaigns, and how they contribute to your business goals.
Channels Attribution Insights
Channel breakdown for in-depth analysis of your channel mix. Know how on- and offline channels affect your business.
Campaign Comparison dashboards
See how your campaigns interact with each other. From products and timings to channel selection and budget allocation.
Factors of Influence dashboards
Monetize from knowing how non-media factors influence your marketing performance. You’re now one step ahead than your competitors.

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