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Bridge the gap between Performance and Brand

Our Brand Intel is set to reshape the way marketers perceive and leverage the dynamic relationship between short and long-term marketing strategies.

Discover the full picture of the total effect of your media

Gain a panoramic view of your marketing performance across all channels and delve into their efficiency and cost-effectiveness– down to campaign level! Explore both short-term and long-term effects to gain insights into how your strategies influence your brand's future.

Gain Precise Insight into Your Brand's Influence on Sales

We provide a holistic view of your brand's impact by demonstrating its influence on baseline results. We also quantify the extent to which your brand drives the cost per order (CPO) in your performance media campaigns.

Reveal the Influence of Media on Your Brand

Our dashboards analyse media impact on your brand by channel, product, and campaign type, right down to individual campaigns. This enables you to evaluate the long-term sales impact of specific campaigns, empowering you to make informed planning decisions.

Unlock Insights with the Brand Trend Analysis

Examine how base conversions and branded search volume change over time.Uncover how specific brand performance metrics can influence your core results, whether immediate or with a delayed

Case studies

Discover how our customers are using Objective Platform to turn valuable insights into valuable results.

Combining quantity and quality with Vattenfall

Objective Platform helps Vatenfall measure media impact across the funnel
Read the full case

Measuring the impact of campaigns across the entire marketing funnel with T-Mobile

Objective Platform helps T-Mobile go beyond single metrics
Read the full case

Turning Data into Insights with Staatsloterij

This case has been nominated for the Dutch Search Awards 2019 in the ‘Best use of Data’ category.
Read the full case
Trusted by leading retailers and brands


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