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Know the Impact of Your Brand

Unlock your brand‘s strengths with the systematic collection, mapping, and interpretation of data in order to identify relationships or patterns that can provide valuable insights into your performance and perception in the market.

Optimisation Across Channels

Automated-dashboards and reports offer insights as to what drives marketing and media performance across your campaigns and channels, all in one software.

Data-Driven Marketing Plans

Our Media Scenario Planner uses built-in forecasting to calculate value so you can easily justify your budget decisions, and see the immediate impact of campaign changes.

Case studies

Discover how our customers are using Objective Platform to turn valuable insights into valuable results.

Combining quantity and quality with Vattenfall

Objective Platform helps Vatenfall measure media impact across the funnel
Read the full case

Measuring the impact of campaigns across the entire marketing funnel with T-Mobile

Objective Platform helps T-Mobile go beyond single metrics
Read the full case

Turning Data into Insights with Staatsloterij

This case has been nominated for the Dutch Search Awards 2019 in the ‘Best use of Data’ category.
Read the full case

Our CEO Sven Meijer on Brand Insights

Gain Valuable Insights: Understanding the Importance of Data Accessibility, the Rise of Automated MMM, and Key Marketing Trends to Watch in the Next 12-18 Months

Key Benefits

Our platform provides you with the tools and dashboards you need to make strategic decisions and improve the performance of your campaigns. Put your insights into action, see real results.

1. Brand Data Analysis & Correlation

Create your single source of truth. With Objective Platform you automate data ingestion, validation and harmonisation from 200+ sources. Get results faster and more accurately. Use modelling to attribute business outcomes to media investments and other relevant factors. Objective and transparent.


2. Brand Insights

Use our battle-tested dashboards and reports to understand the drivers of marketing and media performance. The platform helps you quantify the value of marketing investments and identify outliers. Use these learnings to start experimenting. The sky is the limit.


3. Media Scenario Planner

Our media scenario planning tool uses forecasting to help you determine the value of different budget decisions. See how changes to your campaigns could impact their success and make more informed decisions about your media planning. Use this tool to get a better understanding of how your choices will affect your campaigns’ performance.

Trusted by leading retailers and brands


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