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5 Reasons to Adapt a Next-Gen Marketing Measurement Solution

Last year, we saw a revival of Marketing Mix Modelling (MMM). But MMM has evolved, and the market is demanding next-gen solutions.

All major brands invest in marketing measurement solutions to explore new ways to gain a competitive advantage and unlock their full marketing potential.

What are you waiting for? Here are 5 reasons you should implement a next-generation marketing measurement solution NOW!

Give Meaning to Marketing Measurement  

Marketers have growing amounts of data available, but this doesn’t necessarily result in more insights. Just because you can measure something doesn’t mean it will bring value. There is a crucial step between data and action; remember that data is valuable only when it helps you reach a goal.

Marketing measurement provides relevant information and enables you to transform your data into insights. This allows you to measure the effectiveness of your marketing activities at a fundamental level.  

Boost the Alignment and Accountability of Marketing Teams

Within an organisation, different marketing teams often work separately from one another. Each team’s activity, however, affects the other’s.

For instance, a large offline branding campaign affects Paid Search. But the SEA team doesn’t know about the offline campaign, and the offline team doesn’t know anything about the campaign’s effect on search and sales. The success of the offline campaign is evaluated separately using brand metrics alone.  

Marketing Measurement helps you to create better marketing processes by moving away from data silos. A next-gen measurement platform provides a single source of truth that allows all teams to work towards one goal. Thus, the teams involved understand their position in the customer journey and their effect on sales and other channels.  

Merge the Online and Offline World

We live in an omnichannel world, where on- and offline media and sales channels coexist. Marketing Measurement can stitch everything together to gain a holistic overview. This means you can then determine the effect of offline media on online sales and the impact of online media on offline sales. And everything in between.

Predict Marketing Performance

Next-gen marketing measurement solutions go beyond just explaining what happened in the past. But what’s next? How do you turn insights into actions?

Today’s tools help you to create media plans and forecast their performance on business outcomes rather than channel-specific metrics. Use the learnings to optimise your scenarios until you reach perfection. Understand the impact of channel and budget changes and have more sophisticated budget discussions.

Gain a Competitive Advantage in Marketing

Be ready for the future. Whether your goal is to realise more sales, save budget, facilitate collaboration between teams, challenge your agency, or be more accountable. Know that there are tools like Objective Platform to help you add an essential layer of data to your marketing strat.

Break away from siloed channel-specific insights. Take your media investments and external factors into consideration when you evaluate your performance. When used correctly, Marketing Measurement can help you to become a better marketer. And gain the competitive advantage that you need.  

Ready to take your marketing game to the next level? We can help you to reach marketing measurement maturity in 5 clear steps!

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