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Most-read on Think with Google: Measuring Ad Effectiveness

O|P joined forces with Think with Google to help marketers find their way in the complex world of marketing measurement in a cookieless era.

Amsterdam, 18.01.2023 - At the beginning of 2022, Objective Platform joined forces with Think with Google Nordics & Benelux to publish an article and whitepaper on 'Measuring Ad Effectiveness in a Cookieless Era'. It came to be the most-read article in 2022!

Increasingly complex marketing landscape

In an increasingly complex marketing landscape, marketers need to prove the business impact of their activities more than ever. But measuring this impact remains one of the core challenges in the industry. Recent changes, such as the deprecation of third-party cookies, as well as the rising amount of channels, complex user journeys, and data availability, reduce the usefulness of traditional measurement methods. As such, marketers are collectively looking for alternatives.

Rethinking & merging of traditional measurement methods

To solve these challenges, Objective Platform proposes a rethinking and merging of traditional measurement methods. One approach that successfully does so is Unified Marketing Measurement (UMM), which links different measurement techniques merging the online and offline world, while being independent from third-party cookies. To help marketers better find their way in the complex world of marketing measurement, our whitepaper examines how UMM compares to other methods and why it could be beneficial.

Read the article and download the whitepaper here.  

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