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Objective Platform joins Meta Attribution Partner Program

Learn more οn what this collaboration means for our partners!

We are happy to announce that Objective Platform is officially the newest Facebook Attribution partner in EMEA. Objective Platform strives to implement the best measurement solutions that are available in the market. Through our Facebook attribution partnership, we enable advertisers to optimize their Facebook efforts by offering granular, rapid performance insights. By doing so, we unlock more pieces of the marketing puzzle so that our clients can optimize their investments within Facebook.

Nowadays, marketers are continuously challenged to prove how their marketing activities drive business outcomes. Despite huge technical and modelling advancements, measurement capabilities are increasingly limited by declining data availability. Under these circumstances, maximizing the use of any and all available data sources is absolutely necessary. Objective Platform is well positioned to help clients with these challenges – having experience in both MMM and MTA solutions and bringing them together in our unified modelling approach. Our Data Science and Engineering teams constantly challenge the models within our platform to be ‘best in class’ with a strong focus on fair attribution in practice. Practical challenges we encounter with our clients are seen as an opportunity to improve structural methodology setup. Working this way, we have made some crucial enhancements to conventional MMM, taking it to the next level.

Specifically, we created a Holistic Marketing Model (HMM), which combines conventional MMM with practices coming from MTA, measurements on both channel and campaign level, and business knowledge. The Facebook attribution partnership is also part of the MTA integration within MMM approaches. It is basically a terrific way to get rapid insights and calculate the incremental impact of your social media activities. On top, you break away from siloed performance measurements and start optimizing your investment within Facebook and across all your channels.

Objective Platform offers a sophisticated measurement solution with the goal to increase performance and drive business results. Our Facebook attribution partnership helps you:

  • Unlock granular attribution of your Facebook campaigns.
  • Push more levers within Facebook to generate business value.
  • Find your optimal investment levels within Facebook.
  • Find the optimal share of Facebook within your complete marketing mix.

Keep up with the latest industry developments by implementing granularity to your current marketing measurement. Combine MMM with valuable MTA techniques and your own business knowledge for optimal business outcomes. Click below to find out more about the Facebook attribution partnership and how it applies to your business.

Objective Platform joins Meta Attribution Partner Program