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Objective Platform joins bvA's Webinar

Join Ruben de Groot, our Key Account Director, as he shares insights on improving ROI with Marketing Mix Modelling.

Determining the true return on investment (ROI) of their marketing efforts is at the top of the wish list for many brand leaders. However, the fragmented media landscape, the overload of KPIs and various forms of attribution and marketing mix models do not make it easy. If you are a bvA member, join us at the webinar by clicking on the button below.


In this webinar, Suzanne Klein  (Head of Marketing Intelligence at dentsu Benelux) will show how you can create the right basis for an ROI-driven approach with a strategic ROI framework & measurement plan. Based on a practical case, you will receive tips on how to implement this effectively in your company.

Ruben de Groot (Key Account Director at Objective Platform) will explain how you determine and improve the actual ROI with Marketing Mix Modelling. He will also discuss the influence that AI and Cookieless will have on the field, especially for digital media.

Objective Platform joins bvA's Webinar