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Objective Platform at MIE24 - Data & Insights Event

Join us for our Masterclass at the MIE Data & Insights event in Utrecht.

Objective Platform will be participating in the 22nd edition of the MIE: the largest Data & Insights Event in the Benelux on March 13th at Jaarbeurs Utrecht. With the theme "The Art of Data & Insights," MIE'24 will showcase the latest trends and advancements in the field to approximately 1,500 professionals, including digital marketers, data analysts, researchers, and other data & insights experts. We look forward to seeing you there!

Session: The Total Effect of Media: Integrating Brands in a Media Mix Model

With our masterclass we want to offer a blend of theoretical knowledge and practical application in the field of media measurement. In collaboration with Volkswagen Netherlands, our client known for innovative approaches, we provide insights into the effective integration of branding within the media mix model. This session is an opportunity to learn from the synergy of advanced analytics and real-world brand success, designed to deepen your understanding of today's media landscape.


Berno Schokker is the Manager Marketing Communication for Volkswagen and Manager of Media at Pon Automotive. He expertly guides Volkswagen's brand strategy, blending analytical skill with creative insight to elevate the brand in the competitive automotive market.

Elbert Fliek serves as the Chief Technology Officer at Objective Platform, where he is the driving force behind the product roadmap and the visionary architect of new product integrations. His role is pivotal in steering the company's technological advancements and innovation.

Objective Platform at MIE24 - Data & Insights Event