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Objective Platform opens office in Germany

Objective Platform expands its growing business in Germany by opening an office in Düsseldorf.

Objective Platform helps brands increase the impact and accountability of their marketing activity with a predictive marketing measurement solution. Their software offers insights for marketers to understand the impact of their media plans and tools to optimise Brand and Performance KPIs. The opening of the new office brings Objective Platform closer to the German market. The connection is fundamental to keeping up with the German market's continuously growing and changing needs.   

Germany: one of the leading markets in Europe     

Objective Platform’s stateof-the-art measurement solution has sparked significant interest in the German market over the past few years. And some of Germany’s biggest and most sophisticated advertisers, like Deutsche Telecom, Scout24, and N26, already work together with the scale-up.  

CEO Sven Meijer is very excited to see the company opening its doors in Germany:

“For us, this is an important milestone. Germany is currently one of our focus growth markets. German advertisers generally have their data well-managed, and they are eager to transform this data into business value. Besides the sophisticated market and marketers, media investments are also bigger in Germany. This means that the potential to generate value for advertisers is also bigger. We are confident that we can support our local clients better by building a local team there.’’
Left to Right: CEO Sven Meijer and Senior Sales Manager Philip-Peter Dietz  

Senior Sales Manager Philip-Peter Dietz will lead the German office. Philip is passionate about helping clients grow and looks forward to building new partnerships in the German market:

“I know from talking to prospects and clients that the German market is ready for an innovative approach in marketing measurement. And I’m convinced that O|P’s vision and approach perfectly fit the needs of marketers in Germany. Our goal is to accelerate our growth also internationally. The new office in Düsseldorf will allow us to come closer to our clients and to strengthen our position in Germany.”  

About Objective Platform

Objective Platform (formerly known as Objective Partners) was founded in 2014 by Willem van der Weide and André Merkus. Objective Platform stands for the objectivity and transparency we offer to our clients through our automated, single-source-of-truth platform. The company started as a marketing consultancy firm in 2014 with the purpose to provide objective, transparent insights and advice to marketing professionals.

However, looking to the future, we decided to incorporate our services into a software platform. Applying the knowledge we gained during our consultancy years, we built a platform that our clients can use autonomously. Taking the next step means that we empower our clients to interpret marketing insights themselves. With our support, brands have access to an even more objective approach to their marketing.

Objective Platform has a strong presence in marketing research and development. Together with our clients we always look to the future to create innovative, disruptive marketing measurement practices.

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Objective Platform opens office in Germany